Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Malcolm Sayer Honoured

Dear Jaguar lovers as most of us know that Malcolm Sayer was the man who designed XK120C or C-Type Jaguar but I’m willing to write something more about his amazingly talented personality. Well, he was from the world of aerodynamics, studied at Loughborough University for aeronautical and automotive engineering and he worked for the Bristol Aeroplane Company during the 2nd world war. Beaufighter and Blenheim both great aircrafts were originally designed by Malcolm Sayer. During his practice at Bristol he applied his ideas of aero-dynamical and mechanical designs to create something extraordinary every time. Sayer became the part of Jaguar Cars in 1950 and started applying his knowledge of logarithms and mathematics to design an aerodynamic shape for the Jaguar Cars.     
As I mentioned earlier that XK120C or C-Type was designed by Malcolm Sayer but here let me tell you about his another famous and remarkable design, and that’s the D-Type, a car designed specifically for racing tracks and for winning the championships. Once again Sayer’s aircraft-style engineering was successfully applied to a vehicle which made the people feel the aeronautical understanding of its designer. William Lyons and Malcolm Sayer further worked together and introduced E-Type which is still so popular and one of the most commented on car designs of all times. Truly, Sayer played an immense role in making the history of Jaguar Cars therefore his name can never be forgotten.

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